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I have been writing quite a bit about Business VoIP services for small and medium sized businesses. Businesses can connect their phone systems to the outside world using analog or digital legacy lines from the telco, GSM/CDMA cellular lines from a mobile operator, or VoIP lines, also known as SIP Trunks. Here is a great info-graphic published by www.telecom.toshiba.com that I found really helps showcase the benefits of SIP trunks or Business VoIP lines:

Top 6 reasons why your business needs VoIP

To be competitive, businesses (especially small and medium businesses) must choose their phone provider wisely and keep a careful watch on what they spend on phone services. This makes choosing the right mix of phone lines for your business extremely important. We recommend taking full advantage of VoIP lines for their cost savings, increased flexibility and productivity gains.

If you are a small business looking for the right telephone solution, the choices can be quite daunting. The first step is to choose if a Hosted Phone System or an On-Premise Phone System is the best fit for your business. Every day, we talk to small business owners about their needs and make recommendations on choosing the right phone system that will provide that perfect balance of cost and functionality. Here is an overview to help you make the right choice before evaluating brands, vendors, features, etc:

The two most common types of VoIP Phone Systems for Small and Medium sized businesses are Hosted and Premise based. The key difference between these two solutions is as follows. With Hosted VoIP Phone Systems, the brains of the system reside in “the cloud”, whereas with Premise based VoIP Phone Systems, the brains of the system reside at the customer’s location. This article provides an in-depth comparison of Hosted and On Premise VoIP Phone Systems for Small and Medium businesses.

NANO2 Small Business Asterisk Phone System

Allo NANO2 Small Business Asterisk Phone System is a compact, feature rich, cost-effective phone system for small business and SOHO users.

3CX Mobile Device Management for Android and iPhone coming soon!

3CX Mobile Device Management for iPhone and Android will enable businesses to protect valuable data and remotely manage smartphones and tablets.

Payback on VoIP

Businesses can benefit tremendously from incorporating VoIP in their communication strategy. Most people are familiar with the cost savings associated with Payback on VoIP. While saving money on long distance is great, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are just a few areas worth looking into. Productivity Gains Advanced features and integration between phone and computer enable users to be more productive and efficient. Popular features include  [ Read More ]

In tough economic times, many businesses are looking to cut or delay big ticket purchases like a new phone system. Enabling an Old Phone System to integrate with Skype can breathe new life into old technology by delivering new features and cost savings without an expensive forklift replacement. Skype gateways can do just that by seamlessly connecting your existing phone system to Skype – the world’s largest free VoIP network.Upgrade  [ Read More ]

New Hotel Module for 3CX Phone System

3CX Phone System recently announced their new Hotel Module, a solution aimed at hotels and hospitality environments. The hotel module was designed to perform the following functions: Check in and Check out of guests Setting of guest extensions to Do not Disturb Blocking of external calls Schedule wake up calls Allow housekeeping to set room status Track guest calls and list them upon check out for easy billing The 3CX  [ Read More ]

Sutus BC200: All-In-One Small Business IT/Telecom Solution

The Sutus Business Central 200 or BC200 is way more than a phone system. It offers an integrated solution to small business IT and communications. The BC200 server includes: phone system, file server, email server, router, firewall, wireless access point, VPN remote access server, automated backups, VoIP and Standard phone line support and more. The BC200 is a complete IT and communication solution for up to 25 users. Cost Savings:  [ Read More ]

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I have been writing quite a bit about Business VoIP ...

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To be competitive, businesses (especially small and medium businesses) must ...

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