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Top 6 reasons why your business needs VoIP

To be competitive, businesses (especially small and medium businesses) must choose their phone provider wisely and keep a careful watch on what they spend on phone services. This makes choosing the right mix of phone lines for your business extremely important. We recommend taking full advantage of VoIP lines for their cost savings, increased flexibility and productivity gains.

If you are a small business looking for the right telephone solution, the choices can be quite daunting. The first step is to choose if a Hosted Phone System or an On-Premise Phone System is the best fit for your business. Every day, we talk to small business owners about their needs and make recommendations on choosing the right phone system that will provide that perfect balance of cost and functionality. Here is an overview to help you make the right choice before evaluating brands, vendors, features, etc:

The two most common types of VoIP Phone Systems for Small and Medium sized businesses are Hosted and Premise based. The key difference between these two solutions is as follows. With Hosted VoIP Phone Systems, the brains of the system reside in “the cloud”, whereas with Premise based VoIP Phone Systems, the brains of the system reside at the customer’s location. This article provides an in-depth comparison of Hosted and On Premise VoIP Phone Systems for Small and Medium businesses.

Recommended Headsets for Aastra IP Phones

I’m writing this in part with selfish motives since we get asked this question several times per week both by users of Aastra’s SIP standard IP Phones as well as by users of Aastra Response Point IP Phones. Hopefully, this information will make it easier for users to find a headset to work with their Aastra IP Phones. The source of this list is Aastra Telecom Inc. The general headset  [ Read More ]

Software phone systems can save you money!

For decades, a handful of giant manufacturers have maintained a virtual monopoly in the SMB phone systems market. This has resulted in expensive, proprietary technology that was difficult to manage and costly to maintain. By some estimates, only a third of small businesses have implemented phone systems for these reasons. This leaves the majority of this segment underserved! Introducing the software pbx or phone system. A software phone system is  [ Read More ]

You can see this message in either one of the following cases: 1.    You have recently upgraded your Response Point system to Service Pack 1 (SP1) 2.    You are trying to configure a new phone with the system In either case you need to upgrade the phone firmware. You can do it from the Administrator application, or you can do it manually. In the RP Administrator, click “Upgrade Device Firmware”.  [ Read More ]

Welcome to the VoIP Superstore Blog

Welcome to our blog. Please explore the site for useful information such as product announcements,  technical solutions, buying guides, new features and other cool stuff. To browse topics under a specific category, click the appropriate link under the categories section and only relevant articles will appear. You can also search for your topic of interest in the search box in the top banner area. If you can’t find what you are  [ Read More ]

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To be competitive, businesses (especially small and medium businesses) must ...

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