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Recommended Headsets for Aastra IP Phones

I’m writing this in part with selfish motives since we get asked this question several times per week both by users of Aastra’s SIP standard IP Phones as well as by users of Aastra Response Point IP Phones. Hopefully, this information will make it easier for users to find a headset to work with their Aastra IP Phones. The source of this list is Aastra Telecom Inc. The general headset  [ Read More ]

What’s the big deal about Response Point?

It has been about 15 months since we first started offering Microsoft Response Point phone systems so I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on Response Point’s strengths, weaknesses and positioning in the small business phone system market. I’ll start with a brief history of Response Point: Intro to RP Response Point was designed with the purpose of creating a small business phone system that was: 1-  [ Read More ]

Microsoft Response Point SP2 Upgrade Procedure for Syspine

Microsoft Response Point SP2 Upgrade Procedure for Syspine base unit, IP Phone 310 and Aastra phones (Please note that the procedure is available at http://www.syspine.com/download/sp2.html) Download and install Microsoft Response Point 1.0 Service Pack 2 from Microsoft website: http://www.microsoft.com/responsepoint/SP2/default.aspx Start RP Administrator and upgrade the base unit. Upgrade Syspine Base Unit OEM Firmware Upgrade Syspine ATA Firmware Upgrade Syspine Phones firmware Upgrade Aastra Phones firmware The base unit upgrade process  [ Read More ]

Remote User Solution in Response Point

If you’ve ever tried to extend Microsoft Response Point to remote users and/or soft phones, you’ve probably realized there is no built in support for this. Well in this post, we present a relatively simple solution to this problem. First of all, this solution assumes you have an account with a VoIP provider. The first step is to create local extensions for each remote user via the Response Point Administrator.  [ Read More ]

Aastra: Response Point Maintenance Release

Aastra Telecom announces the availability of a maintenance software release for Aastra’s Response Point™ phones. Maintenance release for Aastra’s Response Point™ phones is now available on the AastraLink RP™ website. This release offers a number operational enhancements including: Improved configuration options for the RP 6753i phone. Programming restrictions have been removed for the top two programmable keys to increase flexibility and configuration options Improved interoperability with Response Point™ Service  [ Read More ]

New RP Products – Coming Soon!

We’re excited to announce the following new Response Point products are expected in the weeks to follow: Quintum Response Point Analog VoIP Gateway – 4-Port FXS The Quintum Response Point analog 4 Port FXS Gateway supports 4 simultaneous VoIP calls, and lets you connect Response Point phone system with your existing analog phones, fax machines and other modem-based devices. Quintum Response Point Digital VoIP Gateway – T1 / E1 /  [ Read More ]

Syspine Phones Shortcut Codes / Star Codes / Settings / Shortcut Keys or Command Codes

Syspine Phones Shortcut Codes / Star Codes / Settings / Shortcut Keys or Command Codes Following has been recompiled from different sources including the response point mailing list. # Enter key, used for immediate dialling 886# Dial Voicemail 822# Dial Auto Attendant locally (IVR); Good for checking welcome greetings 872# Dial the Analog Paging System of Syspine / Intercom #*47* Displays IP Address of the phone on LCD (#*IP#) #*6368#  [ Read More ]

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